Daytona Beach Florida
Leave the planning to us!
Rules / Checklist / Directions
  • Please read and follow the “Condo Checklist”.  The Checklist will help you to remember how to turn everything on at your arrival and what to turn off at your departure.
  • Remember at departure to leave a check made out to “Cash” for $85 or in cash for the Cleaning Service on the Kitchen Counter with “Condo Cleaning Service Checklist”.
  • Both Checklists will be located in the first kitchen drawer or on top of the kitchen counter at your arrival.
  • Register your car at the office to get a parking permit for the garage.
  • No towels, swimsuits, etc. are allowed on balcony railings
  • No smoking or pets allowed inside the condo.
  • NO SMOKING INSIDE THE UNIT ~Smokers please help us keep ashes and smoke out of the condo.  Please use the smokeless ashtray on the balcony with balcony door closed.  The ashtray is located on the laundry shelf above the washer and is double bagged in grocery store bags.  Please do not use bottles or cups as an ashtray on the balcony. Please do not put out cigarettes/cigars on the balcony floor or ash on the floor.  Please do not flick smoked or lite cigarettes/cigars over the balcony rail.  Before departure please completely empty ashtray and throw away in trash chute. Remember to wash and clean the ashtray and rebag before placing on laundry room shelf.  This helpfulness will keep the condo clean; smokeless in scent; and neighbors happy. Failure to follow this rule will prompt a $450 cleaning fee!
  • Please remember Sherwin's rule to remove all sand from feet, shoes, chairs, toys, etc before entering condo.
  • Please remember Sherwin's rule that shopping carts and valets are not allowed inside the units. Oil and grease from the cart wheels will leave marks on flooring and will jeopardize your deposit.


  • Pool, Sauna & Whirlpool hours – 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult
  • Shoes and cover-up must be worn in the lobby
  • Remove sand from feet, shoes and chairs before entering the building
  • Do not reserve pool chairs and lounges
  • Absolutely no glass is permitted in the pool and sauna area
  • Babies must have rubber coverings over diapers
  • No floats, boogie boards, surfboards, etc. are permitted in the pool
  • Trash chutes are to be used between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and are located at the ends on each floor. Trash must be in a tied plastic bag
  • Do not put boxes or loose glass or anything hot down chute
  • No towels, swimsuits, etc. are allowed on balcony railings
  • Shopping carts and valets must be returned to the garage after use
  • Shopping carts and valets are not allowed inside the units
  • There are no reserved parking spaces
  • Trailers, campers, etc. are not allowed on the premises
  • For security, always close the common area doors and beach gate
  • Beach chairs, personal property, etc. must not be left in the hallways and other common areas, per the fire code
  • No playing, skating, etc. in the lobby, halls, and garage areas
  • Respect your neighbor’s comfort by maintaining TV, radio, etc. at a moderate level in your unit and the pool area
  • Do not slam your sliding glass doors
  • Owners, guest, renters are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner so as not to disturb others
  • Press 6 on your telephone to buzz the front door for guests. Channel 77 on the television lets you view the front door
  • Channel 2 on the TV is the Sherwin Information Channel
  • Office telephone number is 386-788-4430. Emergency telephone numbers are posted on the office door 
  • The Sherwin is a non-smoking building.  No smoking allowed inside the units.

The Sherwin is our home; please treat it with respect and care. Thank you!!


Check List

Family & Friends – Please Read & Follow:


Upon Arrival:

                (Some of these items may be already done upon arrival)

  • CHECK FOR KEYS in Laundry Room – Should be 1 Pool/Beach Key & Garage Opener on Hook. If NOT there please call us – Or you will be charged with loss of item or items at departure.
  • Turn Water Heater On (Yellow Valve at top of Water Heater, Pull toward you)
  • Turn Circuit Breaker On to provide power to Water Heater (Panel to the left of dryer)---This is the second switch on the right and should be the only one on the “off” position.
  • Turn on Ice Maker (Push Lever Down Inside Freezer)
  • Patio Furniture may be stored inside upon your arrival – Please move outside to balcony and wipe down.
  • Please press remotes to open ALL Hurricane Shutters (Remotes are located in kitchen under phone)
  • Pickup Parking Pass (paper form) for your vehicle at Front Desk**You will need to place paper in your front window to ensure that you don’t get towed.**(If front desk is closed, they will not tow vehicle.  They are the ones that call.)


Upon Departure:

  • Flip Ice maker back up to off position (so that it stops making ice)
  • Place all used Linens (extra blankets, sheets or pillowcases) & Towels in Pile for Cleaning Crew in Each Room / Bathroom
  • Do Not Make Beds – This Tells Cleaning Crew that the Bed needs Remaking with Clean Linens
  • Bring Patio Cushions Back into Living Room 
  • Clean Any Spills / Accidents  in Unit to Prevent Staining-The vacuum is located in the Laundry Room. Cleaning supplies are also available.
  • Throw Away All Food--Please throw away all food on counter top, in pantry and in refrigerator.
  • Take Out All Trash (Trash Chute is Right Past Elevator)
  • Please Leave Thermostat on 78 degrees upon Departure
  • Please Turn All Lights and Fans Off
  • Do Not Close Hurricane Shutters (Unless asked by Owners to close)
  • Please Place Condo Directions Back into First Kitchen Drawer for Next Visitor
  • Please leave your Check for $85 for Cleaning Service Under Phone (Make Checks Out to CASH)


Important Things to Remember Before Leaving:

  • Make Sure You Have Main Key with You (To Bring Back to us)
  • Make Sure that You Have Left the 1 Pool/Beach Key & Garage Opener in Laundry Room on Hook
  • Make Sure that You Have Left Check for $85 made out to “CASH” for Cleaning Service with Cleaning Service Directions On Top Of Kitchen Counter by Phone


After Arriving Home:

Please return key promptly to us. Please notify us of any breakage or loss of items.


Sherwin Condo
2555 South Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
Unit Phone #:  386-756-9001

Wireless Encryption Key = gufWFIJ6GPBfGhnGKyqkUT

Directions:From Atlanta:

Take I-75 South (approx 30 miles from GA-FL State line) to I-10 East (Exit 435).
Take I-10 East for 61 miles to I-295 South (Exit 356) (this is the perimeter around Jacksonville).
Take I-295 South for 20 miles to I-95 South (Exit 61A).
Take I-95 South for 64 miles. Take Exit (261A) 92 East (Daytona Beach) “International Blvd.”.
Take 92 East for approx. 10 miles toward the beaches (East).
You will pass over the International Waterway (Halifax River).
Once at the beach, take a right onto Atlantic Ave. The Sherwin will be approx. 3 miles down on the left.


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